The Library Information section includes information on hours, closings, the board of trustees, the staff, library history, grants, library cards and our checkout and overdue policy.

Board of Trustees:

Rhonda K. Eller, Treasurer
Walter Fritchie
John Gerrity, Vice-President
James Kincaid, President
Terrie McDaniel
Sherry Repp, Secretary
Robert F. Taylor

Board meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 4:30 p.m. at the library.  There is no board meeting in December. 


Laurel Adams, Librarian, Director

Kristen McCormack, Head Library Staff

Rachel Carter, Library Staff

Abigail Collier, Library Staff

Jessica Spinner, Library Staff

Nita Stone, Library Assistant



FOIA officer:  

Laurel Adams, Director

Part Time Employees and other help:


Lauren Wagoner, Summertime Library Staff


Oskar Adams,  Substitute Library Staff



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Palestine Public Library
201 South Washington Street
Palestine, IL 62451
Phone: 618-586-5317
Fax: 618-586-9711






Library Hours  Holiday Closings 


FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT (Passed October 9, 2001; revised February 9, 2010, April 29, 2014)

I.        A brief description of our public body is as follows:

1.                  Our purpose is to provide materials and services for the recreational, social, informational, and educational needs of the community.

            2.                  An organizational chart is attached.

            3.                  The total amount of our operating budget for FY 2012-13 was:  $55,556.76.  Funding sources are property and personal property replacement taxes, state, federal and local grants, fines, charges, investment funds and donations.  Tax levies are:

                        ·                    Corporate purposes (for general operating expenditures)

·                    IMRF (provides for employee’s retirement & related expenses)

·                    Social Security (provides for employee’s FICA costs & related expenses)

·                    Maintenance & Equipment (for maintaining the building and equipment)

·                    Tort Liability (for insurance premiums, risk management, attorney’s fees & related expenses, unemployment and worker’s compensation insurance, safety officer’s salary and safety expenses)

  • Audit (for internal and external audit reporting)

4.                  The office is located at this address:  201 S. Washington St., Palestine, Illinois, 62451.

            5.                  We have the following number of persons employed:

·                    Full-time           1

·                    Part-time          4

            6.                  The following organization exercises control over our policies and procedures:  The Palestine Public Library Board of Library Trustees, which meets monthly on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, 4:30 p.m., at the library.

           Its members are:  James Kincaid, President; John E. Gerrity, Vice-President; Sherry Repp, Secretary; Rhonda K. Eller, Treasurer; Walter Fritchie, Terrie L. McDaniel, and Robert Taylor.

 7.                  We are required to report and be answerable for our operations to: 

Illinois State Library, Springfield, Illinois.  Its members are:  State Librarian, Jesse White (Secretary of State); Director of State Library, Anne Craig; and various other staff.


Palestine Public Library District

Mission Statement


The mission of the Palestine Public Library District is to serve the best interests of the patrons in LaMotte and Montgomery, Precinct #2, Townships. Special emphasis is placed on students at all educational levels and on providing popular materials to our service area. The library will strive to educate, stimulate, and entertain through books and programs and will serve as an educational and entertainment center for the area which it serves.

The mission will be accomplished by following guidelines set forth in a policy which covers all phases of library management, service and government. The policy complies with standards set by higher authorities, those being the Shawnee Library System, Illinois State Library, Illinois Library Association, American Library Association and Illinois State Library Law.

The Palestine Public Library District is committed to change which may continue, expand or rejuvenate services and materials to its patrons as well as the structure which shelters its holdings. It will continually seek vehicles of assurance for its existence.

Strategic Directions

2013 - 2018